Our  History :

Abzarsepah co. was established in 1957, it is a privately held, family owned company and has been active as a hardware equipment and industrial power tools supplier in Iran market for over 60 continuous years. we are well established with a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution operation.

nationwide network for a consistent distribution of power tools, accessories and the supporting spare parts together with the required trainings were our motives for taking on all challenges over the past decade, we managed to keep focused on recognizing and meeting demands in different market segments while, at the same time establishing the largest and most organized distribution network in power tools Today, we render the following services to the Iranian nation:

-Provide a timely product supply chain to meet dealers’ and customers’ needs alike

-Distribute products through the dealer network based on specific geographical demands nationwide

-Keep customers in different professions and industries posted on the latest developments in power tools & accessories

-Supply specific product and accessory groups for home, industrial and professional applications

-Offer free training and technical consultation to everyone from dealers to users as well as students from vocational centers

-Offer warranty and after sales services 

Recently,we have celebrated our 60th anniversary of our company foundation; growing from a very small but first store to a leading distributor of  the hardware and power tools.

60 Years brilliant reputation for being the provider of “high-quality”&“on-time”products and after sales services.

Core competencies :

– Unique Experience in Selling of Hardware products through the extensive distribution network and channels.

– Established strong Business Relationships with Infrastructure industries and manufactures, Industrial Suppliers and Service Companies.

– Business Fit with North American and European Manufacturing Hardware Companies.

– Exceptional knowledge of power tools and hardware competitors in Iran market.

– Influential in controlling the sales of power tools in Iran market.

– Effective competitors Intelligence.

– Reliable and very strong financial resources.

– Great ambition and professional stimulus always inspires us to do our best for being number one.

– Having  a World-Class Facilities which Includes.

Central building :

20000 ft² Office area , 7500 ft² Showroom, Training Centre, 5 Star Service Centre Located in the Heart of Hardware Market in Tehran. our show room is the first of its kind in all over the EMEA region, Showcasing the entire range of products, for the professional end users with technical specialists stationed in the showroom, end users will be able to have hands-on experience as well as access to technical expertise who have a full and intimate knowledge of the whole range of power tools and branded delivery vehicles.

Hardware shopping center:

We own a hardware shopping center and several other point of sale stores for retail selling located in the power tools market in Tehran.


Adequate numbers of employees (about 100 people ) operates as a team working according to the well-organized Structure and professional supporting of HR Management

 Service center :

we has developed a service-oriented system that has allowed us to become a provider of “ best in class” services with high add-on values. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority ,our five star service center, equipped with dedicated facilities, special tools , fifteen skilled technicians and staffs, latest version of software having the newest CRM program and supply-chain processes daily control, organized physical inventory, branded delivery vehicle.

it is well positioned to meet all customer needs even same day repairing and delivery or giving the replacement tools during the repair time. Doubtlessly, we are the most reliable after sales service provider in hardware market, it is confirmed by the official government audition of customer supporting organization.

According to that, we were graded on our performance and scored as the highest mark among the other brands service centers. Throughout the years we have been continually improving our repair center in provinces and expanding our sales network.

Business review:

We have achieved all of these accomplishments by formulating and implementing the modern and localized IT (security, back up,…), accounting, sales, marketing logistic and customer service departments in our organization.

we managed to supply only high quality products, superior after sales services, free training and consultation to dealers and end users, demo van for demonstration in factories and projects fields, keep customer posted on the latest power tools and accessories, extend our sales channels by increasing brand awareness through the great advertising (PR, give away, POP, POS, PT event, … ) and promotional supports (incentive trips, annual bonus, promotional material, shop merchandizing, displays…) for dealer motivation strengthening and brand loyalty as well .

Abzarsepah co. continues to forge ahead as a frontrunner in the power tools distribution and wholesale business known for its customer driven services. Moreover Our marketing campaign is continuously monitored to ensure that our brands are uniquely positioned and targeting their intended users. Broad and high quality product line of different brands enable us to meet customer requirements in totality and have a mutually fruitful business relationship as well.

 Abzarsepah co. promises to cooperate base on MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT and pursue LONG TERM WIN/WIN business relationship and excel in SATISFYING our customers.